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Published on July 1 2007

Funny how last week I was stressin' BIGtime on the Research course, and wondering if maybe I was reaching too far and trying to do way too much all at once. Maybe I should just take some time and rethink this "going to school" stuff. The paper was kicking my butt, and I started thinking....what if I'm too dumb for this? What if I don't have whatever-it-takes to do this? Writing does not come easy to me, and doing these classes online seems to mean there are a lot more papers than back in the old sit-in-lecture days. Last week's "research paper" was an exercise in writers' block and swallowing panic. I don't think I'll ever post this one, because I disagree with nearly every word I wrote-- but I wanted to try to write something from a different perspective. Don't think I'll be trying *that* again soon, lol. Anyway, once again class ended with a completed paper turned in on time, and now the waiting for the grade begins. While waiting, I hit the catalog to pick out my next 8 weeks of self-torture. I have a month before it begins, and I. already. can't. wait.
SS303 International Law 3 Semester Hours Introduces the student to the basic principles and practices of international law and legal regimes. Examines traditional and emerging topics in the field: human rights, the Law of the Sea, the Law of Armed Conflict, War Crime Tribunals, and the International Criminal Court. [Students who enroll in this course may also receive a Certificate-of-Completion from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.]
and immediately after that one, we have:
MH304 American Foreign Policy 3 Semester Hours An examination of the historical context of American Foreign Policy from the entry of the United States onto the world scene at the turn of the 20th Century. The foundations of American attitudes to foreign engagement and the US role in the world is traced from Washington’s Farewell Address, to the Monroe Doctrine, and to the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny.
P.S. The stressin' must have helped. The GPA is maintained for another three months.

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