Confucius say...

Published on June 28 2007

"When the writing is blocked, the blocked must go shopping". Maybe I can buy some inspiration. Or a good punching bag, at least.

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Not going to California until the 10th. I start my vacation on the 4th and end on the 23rd. I need a sanity break. So where do insane people go? California! The land of friuts and nuts!
Darn. Wished I'd seen that offer before I went and pounded out 18 miles on the trail. Now I *have* to sit and write, because I can barely move my legs to get out of the chair.<br /> <br /> Who needs gloves, anyway? ;-)<br /> <br /> And aren't you supposed to be in California now? (Ewww to the thought of the high desert in early July)
It just so happens I have an Everlast Heavy bag with gloves for sale. Its your luck day!