Amazing the damage a 2 pound pet can do

Published on June 22 2007

Rudy was ill over the weekend, sneezing, coughing, sleepy and listless -- not a kitten at all, more like a furry little ball of snot. The sneezing wouldn't have been so bad, except that kittens don't cover their mouths when they sneeze. Yeah, it was like that. Ewwwwwww... So, Monday we headed off to the vet. I was worried when the vet told me to leave him in his cat carrier in the car until they could clear the area of all other animals-- apparently they were concerned that he might have feline leukemia, which is highly contagious and incurable. After the exam (he was not happy about getting his temperature taken) and blood tests (nor was he pleased about the blood draw), leukemia was ruled out-- he has a minor "respiratory virus". A cat cold. Did you know there is no such thing as "co-pay" at the vet's? Amazing how I can spend more on my pet's doctor than I do on my own, lol. So, we now are dosing the little darling with antibiotics twice a day. It's a real treat to try to hold a squirming kitten to shoot an eyedropperfull of white liquid down his throat. I figure with the amount he has to lick off himself when we're finished, he must be getting the correct dose. Anyway, he is now feeling *much* better. In fact, he plays now. And plays. And plays. ALL NIGHT LONG. I lie in bed, listening to the little monster race around the house, scattering rugs and everything else in his wake. My closet curtains have been pulled down 3948477248 times since Tuesday, and he is now eyeing up my bedroom sheers.
The kitchen floor is covered in kitty litter since it seems to be great fun to dig like a badger in there. The phrase "Stop that, you little s**t!" has been used far too many times this week. My legs are covered in scratches from where he decided that Laurie is a perfectly good climbing toy--and I have to wait two months before the de-clawing. He can't sleep unless it is on my pillow, not merely next to it (which is a real thrill, since he still doesn't cover his mouth when he sneezes). I am completely unable to type on this laptop without his "help"-- he sees the letters appearing on the screen and tries to chase them. The antibiotics or the worming meds gave him the worst case of gas I ever thought it possible for a cat to have. I heard a crash in the living room this morning, and found him batting at the string on the shade--he wanted the shades down, obviously. I have learned to keep the lid down on the toilet, since he has gone swimming twice now. It's like having a toddler in the house again. But damn. Isn't he just unbearably cute?

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"cute when they're little".<br /> <br /> You're right. They really *are* like children, aren't they?<br /> <br /> *grinning, ducking, and running really really fast in case her #1 daughter reads this*<br /> <br /> (P.S. Welcome, Lex. I've spent many fascinated hours reading the great stories on your blog, so I'm pretty excited that you stopped by.)
Oh, they're <em>always</em> cute when they're little. It's a survival thing, what with the messes they make, the furniture they claw and the pottery they dash to the ground.<br /> <br /> But they <em>do</em> grow up, don't they?<br /> <br /> And become... <em>Cats</em>.