does the phrase "coming down in buckets" mean anything?

Published on June 17 2007

I was awakened this afternoon --yes, I'm working nights-- by a humongous crack of thunder and the sound of rain beginning. Which became heavy rain. And hail.
Well, there goes the grass seed I threw out under the maple, floating away down the sidewalk..... sigh. At least my lonely little Mother's Day lilac is loving it.
I wish I could have stayed in bed to listen to the rain, but the day beckons.... and the day won't wait. Neither will I. Happy Father's Day to all the men in my life.

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Thanks for the happy Fathers Day! Just a piece of advice on the grass seed. When you spread it out, through some straw, hay, or grass cuttings on top of it and it will stay there. Also, it will stay wet longer when rained on or watered. I have probably thrown away a small fortune in grass seed doing the very same thing. A week later this great looking patch of grass shows up in the neighbors culvert or drive way. Ugh!