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Published on June 11 2007

Since none of you are opining on the Flickr pics, I'll ask it here instead. So the furniture-blogging is all YOUR fault. I loooove going furniture shopping. It's right up there with hitting my head against a wall repeatedly until I black out. s4012005.JPG So. I bought these yesterday. Think I should order the ottoman to go along with the glider on the left? s4012006.JPG WooHOOO!!! /me gets a bed that my feet don't hang over the end of! (Yes, my grammar goes right down the tubes when I'm whooping). And I already asked-- the breakfast (bagel au varnish avec foam-resembling-cream-cheese) and the orange juice in the display don't go with the bed. Damn. Closest I can get to breakfast in bed!

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Great looking Bed Laur, but I have to agree with Shawn on the glider. Though they look comfortable, they are always the last chair I want to sit in. Funny story about the dsiplay bed with the breakfast in bed. I have a friend from Bermuda who bought a house in Hilton Head SC. The home was a model and was on of the last units sold. She said she wanted everything in the house to stay right down to the dishes etc. After buying the house and moving in, she discovered that all the dishes, placemats, coasters, vases, plants and all decorem were glude solid in place. She had to chisel everything apart or throw it out.
Well, Shawn, I decided to ask about an ottoman for the green chair. <br /> It's on its way.<br /> :-D
Too late--Shannon already has dibs on my gramma's metal bed. As tall as she's getting she's going to be wanting a "tall person's" bed soon, lol. And you've forgotten, I *do* have a headboard for you when you move next month.<br /> <br /> And yes, the upholstery is the same-- those *are* the chairs I bought. Floor model closeouts are a good thing.
I love that bed. Not as much a fan of the glider, mostly because I've always felt those way uncomfortable, but I LOVE the chair on the right. What kind of upholstery do they have--same as the pictures?<br /> <br /> I'm wishing your current headboard/footboard fit a queen size...!