Well, *that* worked out well, didn't it?

Published on June 11 2007

By *that*, I mean the plan to adopt the cat which #2 daughter begged for. I wanted an older cat. Calmer. Less need for attention and/or correction. Less likely to jump on the counters the second my back is turned. With short hair. Already "fixed". Maybe even previously declawed, if I'm lucky! Won't cry all night the first week 'cause he misses his momma. Uh huh. A noble plan to adopt an adult cat likely to be put down without our intervention. Yup. Great plan. Meet two-month old Rudy. rudy.JPG No, he's not really dead. Just dead to the world after three hours straight of tearing around the house, underfoot, exploring his new home. I can't believe I was talked into a $125.00 Pound cat. And I'm a dog person. He better learn to bark at strangers, if he knows what's good for him.

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That was so bad, Scott.
Sorry to let you down, but these cats were brought in legal with a green card. Speaking of immigrants, Had you heard that Taco Bell was trying to move thier franchise to Russia? They were denied acces because they government did not approve of their slogan.... Are you ready?...Do you want to hear it?...."Run For the Border"....silence...Ok, its late and I'm operating on reduced brain cells.
Hey, Rudy! Welcome to the love! And don't you worry about barking; you just keep on keepin' on.

That was way nice of you, Laurie.
and Shawn?
Nothing will replace Tiger. Mostly because he would never allow it.
Hmmmm, KB. Are you telling me you have an illegal immigrant cat?

Shhh, the INS may be listening in......