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Published on May 20 2007

Bush White House fires back at Jimmy Carter - Yahoo News
Bush White House fires back at Jimmy Carter CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - The White House on Sunday fired back at former President Jimmy Carter, calling him "increasingly irrelevant" a day after Carter described George W. Bush's presidency as the worst in history in international relations. Carter, a Democrat, said on Saturday in an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that "as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history." White House spokesman Tony Fratto had declined to react on Saturday but on Sunday fired back. "I think it's sad that President Carter's reckless personal criticism is out there," Fratto told reporters. "I think it's unfortunate. And I think he is proving to be increasingly irrelevant with these kinds of comments." Carter has been an outspoken critic of Bush, but the White House has largely refrained from attacking him in return. Sunday's sharp response marks a departure from the deference that sitting presidents traditionally have shown their predecessors. In the newspaper interview, Carter said Bush had taken a "radical departure from all previous administration policies" with the Iraq war. "We now have endorsed the concept of pre-emptive war where we go to war with another nation militarily, even though our own security is not directly threatened, if we want to change the regime there or if we fear that some time in the future our security might be endangered," Carter said.
As opposed to allowing one of our embassies to be stormed, and our fellow countrymen taken hostage for well over a year, perhaps? Ya done *really* good there, Mr. Carter, didn't ya? That impotent "administration policy" may very well have been one of the things that brought us to the concept of pre-emption.

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Please JEBUFF Stop drinking the Koolaid! “Undoubtedly done America more harm than any single US President in History"? By whose standard are making this judgment? This situation that we are in did not happen over night my friend. It has been festering for several generations and is now we have a President who has said enough! We have been attacked repeatedly by terrorist organizations for the past 3 decades. We have lost hundreds of innocent Americans both civilian and military even before terrorists attacked us unprovoked on September 11, 2001. And by the way, the United States of America is a MEMBER of the United Nations and not a SUBJECT of the United Nations. We are NOT bound by any agreement to obey its will and God help us the day we foolishly give up our sovereignty to the UN. “Shades of torture &amp; mistreatment of detainees”? Who are you kidding? When terrorists capture our civilians and military, they are tortured to death or decapitated on video. We on the other hand are doing much more terrible things like humiliating them, and taking inappropriate pictures or making them listen to Christina Aguilera or Lord forbid, we encroach on their freedom to try and kill us. Oh my, we are so barbaric aren’t we? Maybe the rest of the world should continue to look on in disgust and horror and know that if the screw with us they to may be subject to such torture and humiliation. What makes you think that we need to base national security decisions on world opinion? And by the way, you may want to go back and learn some history because George Bush is certainly not the first, second or third President (Democrat or Republican) in the last 50 years to step into the grey area of constitutional powers or operate clandestine operations to protect our nation’s interests. And another little tidbit of information, during each and every conflict the United States has been involved in there has always been a percentage of the population who either disagreed with the reigning administration’s policy or had grown weary of the horrors of war.<br /> Just as you have a right to state your opinion as does Jimmy Carter, George Bush has the right to emphasize the irrelevance of Jimmy Carter comments. Jimmy should stick to his humanitarian efforts. He’s good at that. You can bash George Bush all you want, but he is the only President since Reagan that says what he is going to do, does it, and takes responsibility for it.
Yes... "looking on" seems to be what the rest of the world does best, isn't it? That, and passing resolutions, of course. Was that the will of the UN?<br /> <br /> Not that you'll be back to answer, but what do you mean by "if the country can be recovered"?
If Carter is "increasingly irrelevant", why is the White House responding to him?<br /> The denial only reveals how relevant Carter must be, at least to making Bush squirm. <br /> Sure, Carter made errors as President, but Bush has undoubtedly done America more harm than any single US President in history. If the country can be recovered, it's going to go through a painful re-evaluation of what we should stand for... Pre-emptive war? Unilateral strikes against the will of the UN? Shades of torture &amp; mistreatment of detainees? Clandestine transfer of prisoners for interrogation without any judicial oversight? An executive that grants itself un-Constitutional powers? Don't think the rest of the world isn't looking on with disgust, and horror, along with an increasing number of Americans who are waking up from the post-9/11 horror-show in shame.
I've got to admit, if I were Jimmy Carter, I would probably do the same thing. Jimmy Carter by far had the most irrelevant administration of the last century. He sees an opportunity to change his legacy as being the worst presidency to the second worst. When you’re on bottom, one step up looks pretty good from there. On top of that, the fact that he continually attacks the Bush administration at every opportunity tells me he thinks everyone has forgotten what a lousy, tree hugging, non-confrontationalist he is. Sometimes, when you’re getting punched and kicked, you don't want to fight and draw attention to yourself, but there comes a time when kissing your enemy does nothing more than tell him you’re a coward. You've got to kick his @** to make him understand you don't like getting punched and kicked. Any kid growing up learns that. I guess Jimmy's still kissing his enemies while our boys are over there making it possible for him to do so.