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Published on May 6 2007

It's been a busy week. So busy, in fact, that I had to ask for an extension on the final paper for my IR2 class. I have a month, but I am NOT going to go past tomorrow before turning in the final. I have never had to extend before, and I feel just awful about it. The pressure is on for the Mad One. is "paper day" for me. Anybody got any tips on assessing a National Security document and not sounding like a complete idiot? Okay, you can all stop giggling now. I mean it. Don't make me go "mom" on you. [UPDATE: It's done. Done. DONE. #:-S Not too much happydance, though--the next class begins TOMORROW. So much for spring break in, say.... Florida.... Jamaica.....wherever... for me!] There is a little a lot of procrastination involved here, oh yes there is. As well as a little hangover from paint fumes-- my bedroom is almost done, save the second coat of sand paint which requires *another* trip to the Depot de Casa. And the kicker came last evening. I cracked the glass top on my stove by not turning the burner off completely with an empty teapot sitting on it. (I swear I shut it off!!) Lucky I didn't burn the place down-- the pot sat on the burner empty and melting for well over an hour before I wondered what the strange smell of something cooking was. Guess now I can go get the noisy whistling teapot I always wanted, but wasn't allowed. At least I got the lawn mowed ( and the cars registered after I happened to notice that the tags on BOTH of them said "March 07". Oooops.) ..... time to go make some of that breakfast booze and hit the books. And hope that next week is a better one.

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