Setting the Stage: The Republicans First Debate - The Fix

Published on May 3 2007

Setting the Stage: The Republicans First Debate - The Fix
Tommy Thompson: Like Huckabee, Thompson remains virtually unknown in national politics but has a compelling story to tell. During his time as governor of Wisconsin -- 1987 to 2001 -- Thompson was widely seen as one of the most innovative chief executives in the country. The question is whether he gets to tell that story tonight. Thompson remains an asterisk in most state and national polling and the bulk of the questions typically go to the frontrunning candidates. And, when Thompson does get his chances can he show some foreign policy chops despite focusing almost exclusively on domestic policy during his time in office?
Um.... personally, I was unimpressed with Thompson. Very unimpressed. McCain? Not much better. Giuliani did pretty well, imho. (Now if I could just learn to spell his name) I must have made a pit stop during a couple of the candidates' questions, because I'm not sure I even heard them speak. Hmmmmm..... Romney? maaaaaybe? Where's Newt when you need him??? Or the "other" Thompson; the one who hasn't even declared yet?

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