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Published on May 2 2007

I watched a spot on last night's news about the release of the Reagan diaries book, and this morning pre-ordered it. I'm looking forward to this one after reading so much the last few weeks about the end of the Cold War. Funny how much I disliked that man early in his term-- mostly due to the PATCO deal-- as a union member, I felt threatened. (And please don't start in on me about illegal strikes and the horrible unions, etc.- I've studied more on PATCO, understand the reasons for the breaking of the strike, and I know well that unions are far from perfect.) Anywho... after reading so much about Reagan and through simple aging and experience, I've found my respect for the man has grown immensely, so I'm looking forward to getting this book. Vanity Fair released short excerpts from the book on this page. I just love the entry for March 30, 1981, the day Reagan was shot after addressing the AFL-CIO building & trades conference in DC. The man was a MASTER!!!
"Getting shot hurts."

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