Whittle is back with a surprise!

Published on May 1 2007

Eject Eject Eject: A MOVING COMPANY
THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. This is about us, our country and our civilization, and in what practical and achievable ways we can protect, defend and improve her and her people. I'll close this small update with a little tease: We need all the help we can get. To this end, I have called upon Miss Rachel Lucas -- a voice of clarity and humor long and deeply missed around here -- to be the first of many guest writers here, and she agreed.
Oh, this is great, this is so abso-LUTE-ly fantastic! I have missed Rachel's writing since she closed up shop at her blog a couple years back. To see her around again is just the wooHOO of the day. And there have been a couple of wooHOO's today. It's all over but for the paper signings and the exchange of paying out beaucoup dollars, which will take place in June. Life goes on. It's a good one, kiddies.

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Read this in the comments section of Whittle's blog:<br /> <blockquote>I excel at Very. Forceful. Punctuation.<br /> <br /> And dog photography.<br /> <br /> Thanks to everyone who mentioned my name, I really love you people. I feared it had been so long, there'd only be mentions of me that said "Who in the HELL is this Rachel goofball?" I promise I didn't fake my own death, I simply succumbed to certain pressures that have now been relieved. I reactivated my domain and will start posting on it in the next week, thanks to some very kind and encouraging words from one Mr. William Whittle.<br /> <br /> Now if only we could all convince him to run for president. I'd vote five times. That's legal, right?<br /> <br /> Posted by: Rachel Lucas | May 2, 2007 2:34 PM<br /> <br /> </blockquote><br /> <br /> I am off to check rachellucas.com right now, lol.