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Published on April 19 2007

This week, class is into Syria and Lebanon, the Hariri assassination and the resulting UN Mehlis report. It's times like this that I realize how little I know about the world. I have realized one thing, however-- I don't do well with this "six countries in two days" overview type of class (especially ones where the lecture portion appears to have little or nothing to do with the question at hand--I never was much good at connecting dots spaced so widely). I need more detail, and a greater amount of time spent on a subject. I think this week would make a good semester-long class. I need that much time, lol. Next up... 7-pager on Iran's nuclear program, and then the finale for the course -- an assessment of the 2006 National Security Strategy of the US. I need waaaaay more time. I also need a better note-taking system; this is the most disorganized mess of paper and computer notes it's possible to make. They say a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind--I wonder what a six-inch-deep pile of paper on the dining room table says? Back to the books.

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