31 dead.....

Published on April 16 2007

At least 32 dead in Virginia shooting rampage - Yahoo! News What news to come home to....this is incredible. Just awful. Please say one for all these families. [Update] And of course, here we go.
The shooting was bound to revive debate in the United States about gun violence. "We live in a society where guns are pretty well accepted," said Jim Sollo, of Virginians Against Handgun Violence. "There are 200 million guns in this society and obviously some in the wrong hands."

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You are right on the money Shawn. I am sick for these kids and their families. This is horrible. But as horrible as it is, it is not an excuse to start chiseling away at the few Constitutional rights we have left. A gun is only as deadly as the person using it. If they eliminate guns, then they will be going after free speech. It will never end. However if we could just make it illegal for people to be stupid, we might be able to lock up a few nuts like the one who killed all these people before they commit these terrible things. No easy answer for this issue.
What she said.<br /> <br /> (Yer Grandpa would be proud of you)<br /> <br /> (Well, he already *is*, but....aw heck, you know what I mean)
Bah. This is not about whether we should or shouldn't have guns. Whether legal or not, this nut would still have done the same thing. This is not the fault of guns! It's the fault of an individual. End of story.