One of the best parents-strike-back posts I've ever read

Published on April 14 2007

I am sitting here laughing almost to the point of tears running down my cheeks at the way these parents handled their teenage son and his best friend after the kids' attempt at an embarassing practical joke on Mom.... Note before reading: Hopefully you will know what "finger cots" are. I actually use them for hand quilting on the hand opposite the thimble. I used them while working on a group quilt frame and you should have seen the looks on the faces of the ladies of the Guild when they realized what I was wearing!! Then they wanted to know where I'd bought them and exactly how I came up with the idea of using rubber finger... ummm... "protectors".... for hand sewing, lol. Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper: Filed Under: Parents 1, Smart-Ass, Teenage Son, 0
My son and his friend, Julio, spend most of their time huddled together, whispering about boobs or XBox or the latest crisis at school. They are good boys, but my son will occasionally have a brain fart. As I was driving them around the other day, the gas bubbled up and spilled over. "Hey, Mom. I need you to stop at Rite Aid." He turned in his seat and looked at Julio and they both smirked. "Why? Are you out of something?" "No, not really. I need something, though. It starts with a 'c' and ends with 'dum'".

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Well, in my case, it's not as frightening, since cats cannot speak English and do not have opposable thumbs. :)
OK, I'll say it.
But kids really know that will never happen cause there is nobody that rotten, at least in my case there isn't
Shawn, you missed reading this part, lol:

There's nothing quite as frightening as the realization that your kids will probably act the exact same way you did when you were their age.

So, daily, I am asked to make a trip to Rite Aid. When I pale and get all sweaty, they laugh and tease me about how many illegitimate children my son is going to have because I won't buy him condoms. I asked him to stop. I ordered him to stop. Day after day, he continued.

I had no choice. I had to retaliate.

That's as close as I'll get to pronouncing the "mother's curse". You remember that one, KB, don't you?? :-))
Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is so funny to me because it brings back memories of an incident I had in Bermuda. I was at work and had sliced my finger open and went to the Navy dispensary where there patched me up and after they cleaned the wound and bandaged it, the nurse pulls out this little mini condom and rolls it onto my index finger. I'm sitting there and a thousand thoughts are blasting through my head and the only thing I can think of to say is "whats this for?". She says it keeps the injury clean and helps prevent infection. This being my first experience with this, I go back to the shop and my coworkers notice this thing on my finger and start whispering to each other. I ask, Whats all the talk about? Petty officer Brown pipes up and says, "we just want to know what you plan on doing with that finger?" Everyone just falls out laughing as I turn multiple colors.
Shows me for clicking without reading the commentary. I'm thinking, don't those parents know that those aren't really condoms?!

Anyway, what a fantastic way to turn your children off from ever talking to you about sensitive issues ever again. lol