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Published on April 13 2007

...before I finished writing out this paper. It was sorta the point I tried to make, but I wound up babbling for two and a half pages where Krauthammer gets the point across in two sentences. Sigh. Charles Krauthammer - Britains Humiliation -- and Europes - washingtonpost.com
Why was nothing done? The reason is simple. Europe functions quite well as a free-trade zone, but as a political entity it is a farce. It remains a collection of sovereign countries with divergent interests. A freeze of economic relations with Europe would have shaken the Iranian economy to the core. "The Dutch," reported the Times of London, "said it was important not to risk a breakdown in dialogue." So much for European solidarity. Like other vaunted transnational institutions, the European Union is useless as a player in the international arena. Not because its members are venal but because they are sovereign. Their interests are simply not identical.

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Very profound and to the point article. This is the problem with national economic organizations, they never amount to much and will eventually fail because they never leave behind their sovereignty. I guess some feel that because many of these countries share borders that there is little that seperates them as nations. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Even in this day of high tech communications, they are so culturally different that they will likely never overcome their differences. The last 1000 years of history have proven that. It has been my experience that it is hard enough to get 27 people in a room at the same time, let alone try to get them to agree to accomplish something. Its better to rely on your own national defense than on some other countrys' support.