and so the snow begins...

Published on April 3 2007

Yuck. The prediction is still for white stuff up to 8". Double yuck. I already put my shovel away--knew I shouldn't have done that. And continuing in my "paring down" life mode, I am now officially a complete wireless warrior. Yep, the monopolistic local phone company who shall remain nameless (begins with a "V" and ends with an "n", lol) ticked me off more than their usual ticking. So I dropped them. Lol. When the service is lousy, and the *customer* service is even worse.... and I have other options..... well, not much more to say, is there? Now I just have to notify the 85,000 people who have the landline number that I now am a full-time cellgal. Or wait. Maybe I just won't bother, lol. I feel like I'm clipping the umbilical cord!!

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Yeah, I guess I'm not exactly <i>completely</i> out of touch, am I?<br /> <br /> Oh, Wait. I <i>am</i>.
Hey hey, don't cut me off! No worries, I got your cell#, email &amp; blog. What else would I need. No more land line eh?