A Swedish wish

Published on March 30 2007

#1 child mentioned how she'd like to go on a shopping trip to a large nearby metropolis in search of good cheap furniture. Since I am (sorta) back in the need-some-furniture mode myself, I visited the website she mentioned and ordered a catalog. swedish-chef.jpgWhen it arrived a couple days ago, I threw it aside until I had a chance to sit with a cuppa joe and give it a proper thumb-thru. I think I have fallen in love with Swedish minimalist style, even though it will never replace my first love: Mission/ Craftsman/Stickley/Eastlake/Arts & Crafts/Morris. Stuff like this. Or this. Still, in my first 10-minute perusal of the catalog, I have completely furnished three rooms of my house, even though the names like Lycksele, Bankeryd, and Akurum leave me feeling like I should have state-funded free healthcare. I'm also starting to sound like this guy. "Børk! Børk! Børk!" Think we could convince Ikea to open a store a little closer than a 4 hours' drive away??? I'm afraid it could become a second home.

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Needs:<br /> Bed Frame<br /> TV Table<br /> Bookshelf<br /> ...Lamps<br /> <br /> I love Ikea. Everyone I've talked to has said that the store is like a jungle. It has its own restaurants and the whole nine yards.