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Published on March 28 2007

Yes. This is what a flight out of Milwaukee's General Mitchell airport looks like when the flight is cancelled!!!!!! Hertz is good.
On the other hand, I am now the proud possessor of a roundtrip ticket to anywhere in the US that that particular airline flies. Pretty cool!! :-D P.S. Even though I am still not happy about the flight getting cancelled, etc.--if this airline doesn't give me all sorts of grief about using the free voucher, I will be one very happy customer and will talk them up all over the place. How's that for some good advertising?

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Yeah, yeah.... "beach", lol.

I'm thinking maybe Seattle? I've always wanted to see Vancouver, too.
Did I mention that I am only 3hrs from the..... I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say it........ not gonna.......Beach!! Sorry, couldn't help my self. Cocoa Beach was great. I go to meet Frank Culbertson an former NASA Astronaut who is a veteran of 3 shuttle missions and currently senior VP of SAIC. Very interesting guy. Beach was nice to and not as busy as I expected, not to many Spring Breakers.
Take Paul on his dream getaway to a bunch of BATTLEFIELDS (I prefer the beach).

I'd wanna go to San Francisco!
Ah yes, where do I go?

Where *DO* I go? :-))

Take my Pick

Pick ONE.
Somewhere with a beach. That is all I have to say.