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Published on March 26 2007

I really dislike airports. Especially sitting in one for four hours waiting for connecting flights. Somebody call and distract me. Please. :-w ...... No call. Thanks tons, guys. Off to do laps and find a Starbucks. K, that didn't take long. So, while we wait, let's do the weekly horrorscope!
This week March 26 through April 1 Libra Monday your public persona and reputation should rise to new levels, thanks to your efforts in the community you live in. Wednesday a friend may confront family members over an inheritance, and he or she may come to you for advice, since you are known for your diplomacy and negotiating skills. You might not want to offer your friend guidance, since the matter at hand might be complex and the emotions involved very strong. Sunday the Moon moves into your own sign, and you should have a feeling of good vibrations that you carry around with you all day long.
Inheritance, eh? "diplomacy and negotiating skills". This oughta be good. Can you tell I am bored?

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