Published on March 23 2007

Ya wanna know what the most important sign of "spring" is?
It's the day Precious hits the road. Yes, Laur has got her wings on again. But would somebody please explain to me what-the-H-E-double hockeysticks this thing is?? wth.JPG
Update: From the local paper:
(Photo story) Carver Nathan Nuszkeiwicz of Rhinelander receives assistance from city public works employees Thursday in dropping the white pine he will use to carve the one-of-a-kind wilderness pole that will soon welcome visitors entering the city along South Tomahawk Avenue. Instead of being carved out of only one section of tree, as the original horizontal design called for, the new landmark will be created out of two sections. The 10-foot-high base of the tree will be flipped and remaining branches will serve as legs for the vertical portion. A 15-foot-long, upper section will be notched and attached horizontally into the vertical portion. Nuszkeiwicz will begin carving the unique structure this week and an unveiling may take place during the city's Fourth of July activities.

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[...] yeah… I know I promised an update on the thing that nobody could figure out. So I’m a little [...]
[...] tomorrow I will have updated photos of the thing that nobody can figure out. It’s looking pretty good so far! [/end [...]
Hey, Remember the Tornado that went through Georgia a few weeks ago? I think thats one of the trees that got yanked out of the ground down here. It must have landed up there. At least that explains why it is stuck in the ground upside down. The shorter one in front does bear an uncanny resemblence to one of the characters from Rem and Stimpy.
That's why I said it might've been a senior prank. I thought it looked X-rated too and i had to ask Paul to validate me because I was feeling slightly too Freudian, lol.
Is it just me, or does the whatever-it-is look...well.... slightly....umm.... x-rated?