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Published on March 21 2007

JS Online: Damage blamed on frustration
One day after 21 people were arrested during a demonstration that vandalized a U.S. Army recruiting office on Milwaukee's east side, Wisconsin peace activist groups on Tuesday said some protesters might increasingly turn to destruction as their frustrations mount.
Isn't this sorta what a two-year-old does?
 Regarding a police report that human excrement was smeared on the recruiting center, Johnson said he wasn't aware of such vandalism.
Okay. Smearing $h*t on a recruiting center is a perfectly rational way of showing your disagreement with government action. I do it all the time-- especially during tax season.
Peace Action Wisconsin does not condone violence, said the group's project organizer Julie Enslow, but some anti-war protesters might feel the need to be violent to get their point across. "We do not use those tactics ourselves, but the movement is very broad, and as this war continues, the anti-war movement is going to take many forms - not all of which everyone feels comfortable with," Enslow said.
Consider yourself warned.

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Peace Action Wisconsin: It's not our policy to protest in this manner. However, we can't be held responsible for the actions of others who get emotionally involved.
What a load of cr#p! It always amazes me how many of these protests happen on work days when most "working stiffs" are hard on the job while these unemployed losers are out there dishonoring our servicemen. If they have a beef about the war then take it up with their politicians. The soldiers didn't give the order to go to war, they followed it. I wonder how many of these anti-Americans are college students going to school on grants from the government. I think that money could be better used at recruiting depots. My Rant!