Published on March 20 2007

Well, it's sorta fini, lol. There are a couple more pics on the Flickr site, too. What do y'all think of some art tile to cover those yucky black bricks on the hearth? I've been trying to figure out how to get them clean again, but my mother suggested I hire someone to put down new tile. Heck with that-- *I* can do tile!! finished.JPG Next project is trying to figure out how I'll come up with enough $$ for the gas fire--I'm not going to be able to look at that big blank spot in the middle there for very long. And of course the floor is the next upcoming home improvement project. I already have my floor sander picked out. Look out, Tim Taylor!! :-)) I am soooooo boring, lol. Isn't it great to be boring again?

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I looked at simple gas log sets which would be tons cheaper, but I'm headed towards a full insert. I want the thermostat, fan, the whole works. This isn't just for *pretty*, I want to heat as much as possible with it.
I've been quoted $2500 installed (including the gasline run up the old ash cleanout, intake and exhaust vented up the chimney through the damper-- preserving the wood fireplace if anyone ever wanted to convert back to wood), but I'm going to keep looking around; think I can beat that price.

That's not a rug in front of the fireplace, lol-- that's the ugly black brick hearth. See why I think tile would be an improvement?
If you get a gas log, get the zero clearance type. They put out a lot of heat and burn clean without a vent. No carbon monoxide. They are a little more expensive but they are worth the cost.
The whole area looks great. What a difference. You should consider some nice slate tile in front of the fireplace where the rug is. It would be a nice accent and fairly easy to install. I do tile.