The agonizing is done

Published on March 19 2007

Well, at least it's partly done. I'm sure there is plenty more agonizing in my future. This is after the first coat; it looks to me like it will definitely need a second coat. I love it. There is color in the house!! this-is-it.JPG Yes, to answer your question, that blue stuff is tape and it will come off tomorrow after coat #2.

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Not *too* rustic, i think. Just trying to get some color in here without it getting too girly, lol. I guess it would be going for the bungalow/Craftsman/Mission style look--that is the era this house was built in, even if it has been updated over the decades. Not to mention, I love that old Mission furniture. Too bad the prices have gone out of this world for anything original.<br /> <br /> You know me and anything "oak". :-D
It looks good to me, but don't put a lot of weight in my opinion cause I am color blind as they come. Particularly in the Browns, greens and reds.<br /> Are you going for a rustic tuskin look or something else? With that color wall, some nice suede leather accents would look good, or maybe some rustic rought iron accents. Just a thought.