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Published on March 16 2007

Today is the almost-ex's birthday, so he asked to take #2 child with him tonight. So here I am, my first weekend off as a (almost) single woman. And ya know what I'm doing on Friday night? Putting paint samples up on my wall. Frowning at them. Took a *real* bath! Soaked in the tub and everything!! Bubbles, even!!! Dyed my hair back to its natural red-blonde. (QUIET up there in the peanut gallery, it IS TOO blonde!) Cuppa tea. Earl Grey. White, no sugar. Jammie pants, tank top, and sheepskin slippers. (This picture is getting more and more attractive, isn't it?) Homework. I have regressed to 19 years old again. It's great.

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You go girl. You deserve every bit of pampering you want, even if that description sounds like the "Calgon, take me away" commercial. yeh yeh. Seriously though, enjoy yourself.
Paul and I have decided that you're coming out with us for a Guinness on Saturday!