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Published on March 16 2007

Anybody out there think that maybe I'm obsessing about this just a *teensy* bit too much?
Ok, left to right: I ragged the dark rust over yesterdays' gawdawful orange. I liked it, but not enough to do the whole wall that way. Next up is the deep rust color, which goes by the name of "Autumn Sunset". I'm tempted to use it just so I can point out the name to anybody who asks. Two points for anybody who catches the reference to this movie, hehehehe. Next is another tan which is too pink. Why can't I find a nice tan??? Another strip of Rust, so that I can compare it to my second favorite, "Copper Brown". I like it, but it might be too brown. I also tried one side of the 'place with a dark forest green. It's very pretty, but....I don't think I could live very long with three walls worth of dark green. I'm going to look at it a few more days and think about it lol. Yes, I am being my usual decisive self here. Besides, I have a ceiling to do first anyway, if a certain almost-ex brings back my ladder and my PowerPainter, dammit.I bet this wall looks completely goofy from outside the window on the sidewalk. Even if it does, the curtains are staying open. Maybe somebody out there will take pity on me and pick out some colors. Another shot of copper, yucky tan, and dark rust without the flash flare.
Comments? Bright ideas? Bueller? Bueller?P.S. It's *fun* to paint when the Dave Matthews Band is blasting. Good thing I don't have to try to stay in the lines!


"Its crazy Im thinking, just knowing that the world is round. Im here Im dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down? Is this real, oh lord, or am I dreaming?"

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You should try and get Marc to chime in on the colors. Just reading your comments its like deja vue of conversations Marc had on painting his walls. Really, he is very good at picking colors.
Two points for YOU!!!! :D
Orlando! What do you think? It's Autumn Sunrise!<br /> <br /> DAMN, BABY! What'd you do ta your hair?!