TGIF. or, I {heart} my congressman

Published on March 9 2007

Dave Obey..... yelling at anti-war protestors about their position of an immediate end to the war in Iraq, angrily referring to them as "idiot liberals" and telling them Democrats "did not have the votes" to cut funding for the war. However, listen to the vid for his other means to the same end. I think somebody needs a weekend back home. Shoveling snow, maybe. But then again, after looking at the link of the woman confronting Obey in that hallway, I think I can understand why he might have gone off on her.
The talking points for the Democrats sound just like the Republican ones and then they tell us, "We don't have the votes." Maybe if they spent their time trying to get the votes, we could end this war.

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After reading the reactions of the antiwar crowd, their "virtual lynching" of Obey is almost hilarious. I was surfing one site that called him a "typical Rethuglican" as well as a few other sweet names. I am talking Democratic Underground, of course. (A place to which I will NOT link). Not only is there no filibuster in the House, there is no Republican in Dave Obey, lol. And yep, he *is* my Congressman.<br /> <br /> This guy gets it, though, even though I don't agree with him.<br /> <br /> <a href="">David Sirota</a><br /> <br /> <blockquote>"If those working in professional movement politics really want to end the war - and not just be in a perpetual state of unproductive contrarian outrage - they can start by remembering the need to target pressure and the need to apply both the carrot and the stick. Shoving a stick up the rear end of an ally is the behavior of "idiots" - whether liberal or otherwise - because it only puts our goal farther out of reach."</blockquote>
Obey must have thought the guy was the church burglar from Point.<br /> Home District, and all.<br /> <br /> I especially liked it when he whipped his jacket open and asked if they saw a "magic wand" in there.<br /> <br /> :-O
"Yer smokin' something illegal!"<br /> <br /> "...No, I'm not, sir."<br /> <br /> :))