Honesty is *always* the best policy...

Published on March 8 2007

... unless you are a burglar with a healthy stash of dope back at home. Stevens Point Journal - Man reports break-in suspect -- himself
Who says there's no such thing as an honest criminal?Police dispatchers were startled by a call Saturday evening from a man who claimed to be staging an unsuccessful break-in at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 1919 Wyatt Ave. The man, 24-year-old Stevens Point resident Zachary Brandl, said he had been using a metal shovel to batter his way through the church doors when he decided to solicit help from the police. Police officers, who previously had been alerted to a suspicious-looking man in the area, encountered Brandl in the church parking lot, where he had been awaiting their arrival. According to police reports, Brandl told officers he had hoped to get married in the church.
I'm wondering if this guy already had a girlfriend? If he did....Sweetie, I think we need to talk..... More likely, he was casing the church just in case he ever found a woman equal to him in her mental prowess.
 Upon searching Brandl, officers found a prescription bottle containing marijuana, at which point Brandl offered to take the police to his home, where he said he was storing more drugs. True to his word, Brandl directed officers to his house, where he showed them a cache of marijuana. Brandl then further volunteered information that he was keeping stolen prescription muscle relaxants in a box in his cabinet. Police eventually arrested Brandl on charges of criminal damage to property, possession of THC, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of prescription drugs. Police detected no trace of alcohol abuse.
I'm thinkin' they didn't look closely enough-- probably because they were so busy wiping the tears of laughter from their eyes. It has, after all, been a very long winter.....

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