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Published on March 8 2007

All I hear in the discussions of the candidates is whether "Hillary is feminine enough" or whether Obama "is black enough", let alone how John Edwards is a better "woman's candidate" (WTH is a "woman's candidate", anyway??? Should I or do I vote differently because I am the proud owner of a double-X?? Dumbest thing I've ever heard.). I still don't know Obama's foreign policy stance. I still don't know what or if Hillary intends to do about the healthcare crisis. I am real tired of this personality politics cr@p or who is the "better minority candidate". Damn Democrats. /grumble. Captains Quarters
The first black president will be the candidate of African descent who wins the most Electoral College votes. The first female president will be the candidate with two X chromosomes who takes the oath of office on January 20 of the given year. Perhaps the Democrats might dispense with the gender and ethnic politics and just focus on policy instead.

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I know it's still early in the campaign, but I'd sure like to hear something other than the glib cliches.<br /> (Especially if it is Edwards' cliche about "prettying up a pig" from the 2004 campaign. That one drew a great big groan when he spoke here.)
Haven't you heard? This is the Sienfeld election. Okay, I won't make you ask, What is the Sienfeld election? It's an election about nothing! No policies, no plans, just self involvement and focus on personalities. Its just like the televison show except its not funny!
Don't you know that if you vote Hillary, she will give all her women voters expensive shoes, ala <i>Oprah</i>? Vote shoes '08!