the crewdudes... and one dude-ette....

Published on March 5 2007

.... in our matching Tshirts, all USW-logo'd up for the first day of local contract negotiations. Looks like our mommy dressed us this morning, doesn't it?
With apologies to Dave Edmunds, work can be fun when you have a great crew like mine:
"Me and my buddies just like to go We're having fun. Everybody knows. We don't fuss and we never cry. We're just grooving, taking in the sights. Me and the boys. Just me and the boys. Me and the boys."
BTW, this was the *only* break we took allllllllll day. I'm a slavedriver, so they tell me. ;-)

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Shhhhhhhh, KB!!! You're telling *MY* age when you say something like that!!!!

(P.S. Only one of them is younger than me)
To Shawn: Grandfather? Hey I'm the same age as some of those guys! Once again I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.......
Do like I did back when I was a young kid out there--once I got over the urge to call all of them "sir" or "Mister-whatever".

Flirt back. It's a ton of fun and the grandpas love it.

Imagine, being paid $14 to fend off flirtations from men often old enough to be my grandfather. No wonder bartenders get paid so much. ;)

They keep asking me "when is that cute daughter of yours coming back to see us?" in between trying to set *me* up.

Guys. Gotta love 'em.