The "office" is lookin' *good*

Published on March 4 2007

...just in time for class beginning tomorrow morning!! (I'm itching to get back at it.) Listen to me, lol..... "office". 8-| How highfalutin' do I sound? How about "original 1920's parlor formerly used as a heavily curtained bedroom now returned to its original sunlit glory and quickly filling with computer and various other electronic equipment removed from the living room." Okay. "Office".
Next is trying to move in an approximately three ton file cabinet and trying to figure out what to do with those dumb little speakers all over the desktop. At least the big one can hide behind the desk.

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No business here, that's down in the dungeon.

No, this is so I can get the computers/printers/ scanners/ etc. out of bedrooms and living rooms. We're talking serious study area here, lol-- and after checking into class this am, I think I'm going to need to spend some time in it.

Besides, my living room is absolutely HUGE now. And it echoes in here!!!
Very cool office. Much brighter than I have ever seen it before. So what sort of business will you be operating out of this fancy room?
Doh! I want that room--just for those huge windows.