The Swiss are coming! The Swiss are coming!!

Published on March 3 2007

Liechtenstein: no retaliation for Swiss invasion | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited
Swiss soldiers accidentally crossed into neighbouring Liechtenstein above yesterday. The Swiss army is not renowned for its aggressive expeditionary adventures - but it does appear to have accidentally invaded Liechtenstein. According to the Swiss daily Blick, around 170 infantry soldiers from the famously neutral country wandered more than a mile across the unmarked border with the tiny principality. The incident happened yesterday morning and the Swiss troops turned back - probably slightly sheepishly - after they realised their mistake.
Oooops. So much for that famous neutrality. I think I hear what may be the WORST butt-chewing in the world going on right about now. Makes you wonder if Switzerland will be denounced in the UN? After all, they were carrying WMD on their foray into tiny Liechtenstein.
As well as the obligatory Swiss army knives, the troops were armed with assault rifles - however, they had no ammunition, Mr Reist said. Markus Amman, an interior ministry spokesman, said nobody in Liechtenstein had even noticed the soldiers. "Its not like they stormed over here with attack helicopters or something," he said.

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I can just here the Liechtenstein Defense Minister."Warning, We have been invaded by the Swiss". Crowd Response: "Yeah, So what, They're Neutral".<br /> Its pretty sad when your elite commando unit arrives on the seen and nobody even pays attention.