Hope we dodge this bullet, too

Published on February 27 2007

We got next-to-nothing out of last weekend's monster blizzard (sticking my tongue out at the central Wis. relatives); only about 5-6 inches of new snow in those horrendous winds. It makes me a little nervous when the blurb scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen mentions that there "might be a lull" in the blizzard coming our way late Thursday afternoon. Here it comes. A foot predicted, so far. Sigh. I used to go through weather.com or other weather sites, when I discovered this simple shortcut to the National Weather Service forecasts. You type "weather.gov", then a /, and then the zip code. Works great, and easy enough for even a memory-challenged babe like me to keep in mind. Now where did I put the snow shovel?

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