Eloquent Solutions to tough problems

Published on February 24 2007

One of my favorite bloggers is The Anchoress. I've loved her take on current affairs since I discovered her blog a couple of years back. The other day, she posted a series of images of math problems and the creative solutions students had come up with. Scary thing is-- most of them look like my math tests from days gone by. Here's one example:
Not only eloquent, but simple and elegant, as well. Go take a peek at the rest--I especially feel for the student working on the problem in the very first image.The Anchoress » Eloquent Solutions to tough problems

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I am still waiting for the brain cells to turn on with regards to anything deeper than long division. Thank God for Quicken, or my checkbook would never evereverever balance.<br /> <br /> Only reason I made it through any of my math courses is that the profs were terrified I might come <i>back</i>.
This looks like a response I would have made in High School. It is ironic that while I really struggled through school in order to pass Algebra and Geometry (failed Pre-algebra once), it wasn't until taking a course called Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, that Algebra, Geometry and Trig fell into place for me. It was like some brain cells just turned on and I understood it. I guess it’s because I use it almost daily now that feel I am no longer a slave to math. OBTW the answer is X (aka-Hypotenuse) = 5CM.