Road Trip!!

Published on February 16 2007

"Hey Laur, we want a couple of you experienced operators to learn about the new process control system going in this spring. We need someone who can teach the other ops how to use it and your name came up in the discussion. How would you like to get a road trip the end of March?" "That would be great. I could sure use a change of scenery for a few days! Where am I going?" beer.jpg "Down south." "Oh, that's fantastic!!! Where???!! Georgia? Florida? Texas?" "Um, not exactly....." The ABB Group: ABB University - Columbus, OH
Our Columbus training center is located in the north-eastern suburb of Westerville, Ohio, specializing in ABB AccuRay system, Advant OCS with Master Software, ABB ULMA system, and Process Control courses.
:-< Ohio. In March. Well, it isn't an island in the Caribbean, but even if there isn't a sandy warm beach with a cute young thing bringing me drinks with umbrellas, maybe they'll have a hot tub with beer. And a guy wearing Budweiser cans on his feet.

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[...] much for working on my &#8220;tan&#8221; on this little jaunt&#8230;. the highs in the 70&#8217;s sounds nice, [...]
Somehow I don't think they use Y'all in Ohio. Ohio isn't exactly "The south". Matter O Fact, if you asked a bunch of these boys down here in Georgia, they think anything north of Macon is a bunch of Yankees.<br /> Have fun on your trip.
You're flying?! I thought this was a road trip! booo. :)
She will LOVE that. Her spring break is the week before I go.<br /> <br /> Actually, I'd happily drag you both along, but I don't think you both would fit in my carryon.<br /> I *do* need room for my bikini. Hot tub and all, y'all understand, right?<br /> <br /> (I *love* that word!)
Oh, wait, I'm taking Shannon the week of spring break or something! We have all these fun things we're gonna do. lol