Ya know, I *really* prefer -20 degrees over this

Published on February 11 2007

shoveling And I whine when I have to shovel 7 or 8 inches of the white stuff? I promise I will never complain again ....well, not much, anyway. As long as it stays above zero. P.S. this is a *very old* fat chick pic. :-D N.Y. town's snowfall may be over 11 feet
REDFIELD, N.Y. - This village in upstate New York's snowbelt gets a lot of snowfall during the winter, but last week's total — more than 11 feet, unofficially — might be an all-time record. All that's left — apart from the massive dig out — is to claim the record for the most snowfall in a week. Redfield's total of 136 inches would break the state record of ten feet, seven inches that fell in nearby Montague over seven days ending Jan. 1, 2002, said Steve McLaughlin, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Buffalo.

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Hey, what's that funny lookin thing in your hands? I haven't seen one of those in Many years. BTW it was 28 degrees here this morning. This afternoon I was outside in a tee shirt working on the new mail box. Can't wait till the Gnats come back though, yuck!