My New Leash

Published on February 8 2007

The New Leash OK here it is. My new leash. It could be no less annoying if it actually had a shock collar attached. Now Uncle can reach out and touch me anywhere anytime he wants to. "At least until I am off the clock". It will probably take me 6 mos. to figure out all the junk it does. Wonder if it will accept MP3 files????? Guess I will have to breack down and read the manual.

Written by kidbrudder

Published on #Pics and Babbling

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Being from the quality realm I sometimes do have to actually read instructions if nothing else but to give the appearance of following process instructions. Man rule #1 Make it work. Man rule #2 Read instructions and find out why it won't work. Man rule #3 Throw it away and by the simpler model.
It's kinda cute. Just what we all need, "mobile email", lol. <br /> If my company would pay for it, I'd take it in a flash, with my email addiction.<br /> <br /> Read the manual? Isn't that like breaking man-rule #1??