Could it be 1984 all over again?

Published on February 3 2007

The official word is out. It appears that Van Halen will be reuniting with David Lee Roth for a 40 concert tour this summer. Is it possible? I have a hard time believing Diamond Dave will be able to "Jump" like he used to. This may be the Geriatric Van Halen but I have to admit that I am tempted to look into tickets. I'd like to see the pre Van Haggar band. Not that I have anything against Sammy because I like the "Red Rocker". There's just something about that Rythmic VH Heavy metal combined with the shreeking rough throaty voice of David Lee Roth that really rips. I hope they spend a couple months in the Gym before they start or they'll never survive it. Ironically, Michael Anthony will not be along for the tour. Eddies' 15 year old son Wolfgang will be providing the Bass action instead. concert202sd14.jpg

Written by kidbrudder

Published on #Pics and Babbling

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Hehehe, I think I'm going to try the leather and big hair myself!!!<br /> <br /> But you're right...this body will never see spandex again--at least not in public! :D<br /> <br /> Don't they look like babies in that photo? So many years....
Well, I could see him doing a little leather and big hair, but I don't really want to see anyone over 35 in spandex thank you very much. The wonderful thing though about Spandex is that you don't have to squeeze in. It just slides on and takes your shape regardless of how out of shape you are. Well, on second thought maybe thats not so wonderful.
Hehehehe, KB--why did I *know* you'd start off with a music post??? :-D<br /> <br /> And if Bob Seger, at 61 or 62, could put on such a great show; don'tcha think Diamond Dave could do just as well? [Although I wonder if he still wants to squeeze into the Spandex.]