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Published on February 1 2007

"American leaders have taken their values so much for granted that they rarely recognize how revolutionary and unsettling the values can appear to others. No other society has asserted that the principles of ethical conduct apply to international conduct in the same way that they do to the individual--a notion that is the exact opposite of Richelieu's raison d'etat. America has maintained that the prevention of war is as much a legal as a diplomatic challenge, especially the use of force. A Bismarck or a Disraeli would have ridiculed the proposition that foreign policy is about method rather than substance, if indeed he had understood it. No nation has ever imposed the moral demands on itself that America has. And no country has so tormented itself over the gap between its moral values, which are by definition absolute, and the imperfection inherent in the concrete situations to which they must be applied."

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