Down to the Wire

Published on January 21 2007

All discussions and essays finished for IR1!!!! :-D All I have left is the....ouch.... the dreaded "Final", which I'll be taking Tuesday morning, before the fun begins on Wednesday. Wish me luck, kiddies! IR2 begins in March, and it looks like a good one:
Course Description This course analyzes international relations from 1945 to the present. Students will become thoroughly familiar with events and major interpretive issues. Topics include the Cold War, decolonization, the role of the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations, the development of international terrorism, the Arab-Israeli and Persian Gulf conflicts, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
Cold War stuff. My favorite! :-D (Probably because I'm OLD enough to remember it) That leaves me one month to get everything done. On the other hand, I'm due for a spring break. Sunshine and a beach sound good right now.

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History? weve got alot of stuff here locally. Andersonville prison camp/cemetery and POW museum. Atlanta has many battlefields and museums. Gettyburg is a long way awy though.
So do I. He would be in absolute heaven down there.
Only problem is, I don't think there are too many beaches at most of those historical artifact sites. ;-)

You really need to haul him out to Gettysburg one of these days, too. I was impressed, and I knew nothing about the Civil War the first time I was there.
Heck mom, if you can't go, I know a certain somebody who would drag me to every historical artifact in the tri-state area. :)

So tempting!
Milwaukee to Jacksonville round trip Air Trans = $163.00 seating Available. through May.????????
White Sandy Beaches, Panama City Spring Break, or any other north or East Florida beach, Not to mention the most important part, you get to see me!
Yes that would be the one. Except the beaches in Panama City are known for there white sand that crunches like sugar when you walk on it. There not brown and mucky. They are second only to the Pink sand beaches we had in Bermuda.