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Published on January 21 2007

boots Venezuela's Chavez says "gringos go to hell" - Yahoo! News
Chavez, a Cuba ally re-elected by a landslide in December, this month launched a campaign to consolidate power by nationalizing key industries, seeking expanded executive powers and pushing for unlimited presidential re-election. "That is a sacrosanct legal authority of Venezuela. Go to hell, gringos! Go home! Go home!" Chavez said during his weekly Sunday broadcast. "We're free here, and every day we'll be more free." Chavez also took on U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who has described Chavez as a "negative force" in the region. "Hi Condoleezza, how are you? You've forgotten about me, my little girl," said Chavez, who last year called President Bush "the devil" during a U.N. speech.
"My little girl"? Uh huh. Tell me that a woman who can carry off spiked boots and a dress right out of "The Matrix" can't kick the a** of a Venezuelan thug. With one hand tied behind her back.

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