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Published on January 17 2007

America trivia: * The cover artwork on the album History: America's Greatest Hits was the work of Phil Hartmann, who later became famous as a comedian on Saturday Night Live. Hartmann later dropped an "n" off his last name prior to achieving fame. His brother John was America's manager for many years. After listening to the show last night, I had to go buy the new album today. (I heart ITunes). Three little words for America fans, or anyone who remembers the good old days. Buy. This. Album. Shawn, you and Paul will hate it, but I love it. They sound better on the new music than on the live performances from the XM show last night. Found an interesting interview/review at : Music Review: America - Here and Now @ and this is one of two "new favorite songs". I love new music that feels like an old friend.
Love & Leaving Written by Gerry Beckley and Bill Mumy, ©2006 Found on Horizontal Fall and Here & Now. Hey Slim how long's it been Five minutes maybe 10 Can't wait to see you again and again First taste of this romance Hell baby I almost danced Caught myself close to believing But every time is a brand new feeling Lay me down in cool clear water For a moment I've forgot her Still I know where this is leading Win, lose, which we choose Won once and once refused Already burning down the fuse Don't wanna be building walls Cause everything rising falls It's darkness here the light's concealing Love it seems is too revealing Hidden in some secret place Etched in lines around my face The ghosts in here are all competing Over one more song about love and leaving Ummmmm Down, down we all fall down Down, down we all fall down We all fall down, yeah we all fall down Let's toast to new love blooming It's all around and all consuming It's a dream you're bound to follow Til you find it's only hollow I can hear the angels grieving Over one more song about love and leaving Ummmmm

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