183,594,685,098,343... and a half

Published on January 15 2007

What is.... the number of times I have heard about the abundance of fish in the ocean in the last six months? [sound of bells ringing for the correct answer] Okay, Okay, I'll shut up now.

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Yea, I saw it on Yahoo. Some guy over around Green Bay was out hunting and had a confrontation with a Hmoung (spelling?) who supposedly shot him in the hand with a 22. Then the guy fought with the Hmoung and shot him and stabbed him 6 times then buried his body in the leaves. The Hmoung man's family found him and reported it and the police found out that the hunter who killed him went to a hospital to be treated for a supposedly accidental gun shot wound to the hand. That's the jist of it but I'm sure there will be more come out about what actually happened.
Another hunter got killed?? I hadn't heard. Guess I've been so buried in international stuff that I haven't been paying much attention to the local news.<br /> Big news around here was that a woman was arrested for DUI yesterday <i>while dropping her kids off at school at 8 am.</i><br /> <br /> No, it wasn't me, by the way. I don't start drinking til at least 9 am. ;-)
Speaking of fish/wildlife, Whats going on with the hunters in the Wisconsin woods. It used to be when you were out hunting you worried about accidentally being shot by another hunter. Now it seems you have to worry about being intensionally shot/stabbed and buried. Between the 5 killings a couple of years ago and the recent killing near Green Bay, its getting a little crazy. As one of my favorite comedians Rodney Dangerfield used to say, "Hey, Its rough out there!" Seems nowadays you don't know if your the hunter or the hunted.