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Published on January 15 2007

You know when your insurance company completely messes up your claim and denies your payment and infuriates you and you think you'll SCREAM if you can't get through all those phone menus with the "if you would like to talk to a claim representative, please press **4576" and you screw up the numbers the first time and have to start all over from the beginning and you're getting madder and madder by the minute and you think that if you could get ahold of the yahoo who invented telephone menus you would probably kill him and then you have to listen to 18 minutes of muzak on a long-distance call and finally thank you god FINALLY a comforting voice answers the phone?
This is the guy you'll be talking to. Be nice, he's my favorite son-out-law.

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:-(<br /> <br /> Poor guy. I hope he feels better soon. Try to not catch it yourself, too.
If I can somehow get him to stop throwing up, I'll show him this post. (I don't think he's going to school tomorrow, either.) <br /> <br /> I love the flu!