Will I ever have fun with *this* discussion!!

Published on January 7 2007

Here's the topic of the week. I'm hoping to keep my rant short, lol.
"Is there such a thing as terrorism, or is terrorism merely a matter of perspective? In other words, to paraphrase the text, is one man's terrorist another man's freedom fighter?"

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I think there is such a thing as terrorism. Being a freedom fighter implies that one is fighting to overcome some form of subjugation. What ever the cause maybe, there are methods to overcome the subjugation that are not terrorism. Terrorism is a tool or method that has few traditional rules of engagement. With terrorism there are not innocent bystanders. Anyone can become a target if it fits the terrorists plan. What we conventional thinkers perceive to be innocent bystanders are subject to being targets or used as tools to achieve the terrorists’ goal. Instead of engaging with the ones who are impeding the terrorists’ freedoms the terrorists harm or threaten to harm “innocent victims” that may not be directly involved in the conflict in order to force their perceived enemy into submission. In other words, a freedom fighter is not necessarily a terrorist, and a terrorist is not a freedom fighter. But of course the terrorist will contort the truth into what ever fits their cause. They are as much politicians as they are terrorist. My two cents