Published on January 6 2007

...in The Clash of Civilizations, and hoping I can make some sense in the essay I have to write. What a way to spend a Saturday morning. I'm lovin' this stuff. Seriously.

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You Prof. was right, it is a good essay. It flows well, credits all references and makes what is usually a less than interesting topic quite interesting. I learned a few things. :)
And then when I checked in tonight on last weeks' essay on Bosnia vs. Serbia in the International Court of Justice, I found this in the Professor's response are:

"As for your essay, it is so good I'm going to put it in a special folder I keep for superior work, called my Hall of Fame. Other profs might be reading it -- unless you let me know you don't want them to. "

OMG. Is the pressure on now, or what?????

The Hall of Fame essay is here. I do think he was being just a teensy bit too nice, since I sorta got carried away with the use of the word "interesting". I need an editor/proofreader. Badly.
But I sure am grinning.
Maybe. You are kinda a youngster yet. :P

No, seriously....I keep re-reading his piece, and there's something missing; but I haven't quite put together exactly what. As if I might see a new angle that hasn't been covered 80,000 times, right? /:)
I keep wondering how industrialization affects those "civilization identities"-- or if it does. Haven't got figured out what I'm trying to say yet.

Eh, I have another week before it's due, anyway!
That was a pretty good writting by Huntington. He made a lot of good points, particulalry about the differences in civilization identities being a driver for conflict. We are seeing that right now. So many of them are radical fundamentalist based and historically they seldom go away unless forced into submission via war and I'm not talking about the little conflict we are seeing in the middle east. He makes some interesting projections about the future but I am always a sceptic when someone starts making global predictions. Seldom have I ever seen these types of predictions come to fruition, but then again, that could be because I haven't lived long enough.