They're not on my "lifetime list"

Published on January 4 2007

...but I sure wouldn't mind seeing this band get back together. AND come to the frozen tundra!! The Police May Reunite For Tour - Entertainment
Billboard Magazine is reporting that the trio the Police will reunite for a 2007 tour of the U.K. and the United States. The concerts would be the band's tour first since the Synchronicity tour ended in March 1984. The band never officially broke up, but after the successful debut of Sting's 1985 solo album, "The Dream Of The Turtles," the trio drifted apart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While no one associated with the band has publicly commented on the reunion rumors, a note posted on Sting's official Web site on Wednesday offered an intriguing tease for fans of the band: "As the 30th anniversary of the first Police single approaches, discussions have been underway as to how this will be commemorated. While we can confirm that there will indeed be something special done to mark the occasion, the depth of the band's involvement still remains undetermined."

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Ah, but who else but Sting could write lyrics like this:<br /> <blockquote>A connecting principle<br /> Linked to the invisible<br /> Almost imperceptible<br /> Something inexpressible<br /> Science insusceptible<br /> Logic so inflexible<br /> Causally connectable<br /> Yet nothing is invincible</blockquote><br /> <br /> Yeah, I know. What the...??????? He had a really big....dictionary, I guess.<br /> <br /> I always loved their "pop" stuff, though-- "Fortress" and "Synchronicity 2" were among my favorites. I liked how they used the reggae-ish instruments. It was just something different from the Madonnas and the Michael Jacksons.
You know? I was big into the 80's, and the Police had 2-3 big hits and that was about it. I bought one of their popular CD's and I was really disappointed. I took the 2-3 hit songs they had and the CD has sat on the shelf since then. I think there was a lot of hype surrounding Sting because of his school teacher background and his alleged musical genius but I never really quite understood the bands popularity. Don't get me wrong though, they do have several hit that I really liked.