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Published on January 1 2007

Over the last few days, I've been ripping some movies/ TV shows for watching on the 'pod. I hit up the video store the other day after finishing my own little collection, and found this HBO series in the rental bin. I cannot believe I missed this when it was on TV; this is one of the best shows I've ever watched. It is such a treat to discover something like this, even if I am five years later than everyone else in the country. laurie_in_mountains I'm looking forward to the last part which is supposed to be the capture of Berchtesgaden, and the "Eagle's Nest," Hitler's mountaintop fortress. I wonder if it will look much like the place I saw in 1977, when I went to an Outward-Bound type of leadership/ know thyself camp in the area. My first rock-climbing experience was on the cliffs at the Eagle's Nest. I remember the incredible views, both dangling from a rope halfway up the cliff, and from the huge patio there.

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No doubt you'll love that part of the series. When I watched it, I was going all, yeah, I've been there! But I really hadn't. Not like those guys did. BoB is a truly superb bit of film making.