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Published on December 30 2006

Watching President Ford's arrival at the Capitol over the internet tonight--thank god for CSpan, since I don't get to watch much tv.... so strange to see all of those people from the 70's again. Kissinger, and all the rest. All of those people who were were around when I first began to notice politics and the news. My eyes kept going to Betty Ford throughout all the reverent ceremonies. So tiny. So strong. Such a beautiful woman. Watching tonight only increased my years-long admiration for this woman. Tears coming to my eyes as I watch her. Of course, hearing "America" ( and that one hymn which I've never known the name of ) does it to me almost every time, too. And "Amazing Grace" always finishes me off. I'm such a wuss. The commentators describe him as being "her best friend". I wonder what it's like to be married to your best friend for almost 60 years...

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