Pitcher-taker Woes...

Published on December 27 2006

I wrote about this the other day. I spent a little while checking out the company I had ordered from last night--and I was just horrified at the things I read. People who ordered from this company getting cameras with Japanese menus (I don't read that language too well, lol). People who found huge charges on their credit cards, much larger than their original invoices. Huge restocking fees for returned Japanese-menu'ed cameras. Refused returns. Cameras arriving with no batteries or battery chargers. Credit cards being charged even after orders were canceled. There were literally hundreds of these complaints...and I chickened out, called my credit card to let them know I was going to cancel the order and to watch out for a charge from this company. And then I called and canceled my order--AND got the confirmation number that my credit card company requested. I just had a baaaaaaad feeling about the whole deal. So now I'm back to camera-hunting. Think I'll check out the Nikons after all.

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