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Published on December 26 2006


threexmas2006Me and my gangsta daughters on Christmas Day..... One day, sometime in the future, I will get a photo of the three of us in which we all look good. No gangsta signs, no crossed eyes, no CLOSED eyes, no drool.... I swear, if I have to pay for it I will get one eventually, lol!



laurieandschulzSchulzie, the world's meanest nastiest guard dachshund, trapped me on the steps. He wouldn't let anyone pass until they had shared their Christmas Cookies. (Fat chance of THAT!)civilwarsaber


One of the things we did was show the new family historian (Hi Paul!) some of our family "primary sources"--the saber and diaries belonging to Edward Bruce Crofoot, my great-great-grandfather.  The diary is a record of his time with the Wisconsin 32nd, who spent a little time in Georgia on a trip across the state during the Civil War.



The writing is pretty tough to read, although my Dad "translated" most of it several years ago. Lieutenant Crofoot had beautiful handwriting with swirls and flourishes-- and in a century and a half, we have lost the ability to read "real handwriting".shannondiary




Hope all of you had a wonderful warm Christmas.....

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[...] I also thought immediately of someone I know who lives there, but relaxed when I remembered that the saber is safely in northern [...]
I think this clearly explains why he was in Atlanta for several weeks recovering. Not a bad deal for being shot in the Buttocks. I always wondered if he was shot by friendly fire during a charge either accidentaly or otherwise, or if he was heading the "other direction to avoid capture" Either way being shot in the Buttocks in those days is probably not something one bragged much about.
My favorite part of the story of that diary was reading about how gggrampa discovered mint juleps while he was recovering from an injury, lol.<br /> <br /> "7am: Arose, enjoyed a mint julep for my repast.<br /> 10:00am: Repaired to the veranda for a restorative mint julep.<br /> 12:00: Needed a second mint julep after luncheon."<br /> <br /> You kinda get the point. Must be something about the recuperative properties of bourbon and sugar water, lol.
One day I would like someone to xerox a copy of that diary before something happens to it. Dad gave me some of the translated part but I would like to have a copy of the original. I have access to a great copy machine but no diary...Can you imagine, Great Great Grandpa Crofoot lugged that diary all over the south during the war. Just the places it has been during the Civil War has got to be a story in its self.